Human resources policy

The low employee turnover rate is a reflection of the hiring policy that AUDENS FOOD operates.

At Audens Food, we are convinced that the human element is not just a means, but rather a purpose in and of itself both personally as well as professionally. Talent management is of utmost priority at Audens Food. Our mission in Human Resources is to retain people who offer talent, while at the same time fostering its development.

HIRING: Our hiring processes are oriented towards the key professional skills needed for the job in question.

TRAINING: Our training plans are basically designed towards achieving objectives.

DEVELOPMENT: Specific professional development plans to adjust the knowledge, abilities and skills to the duties and responsibilities required.

PROMOTION: Promotion and performance-based promotion.

Social Benefits and employment conditions

Flexible timetables
At Audens Food, we are committed to flexible work hours, managing the estimated time in accordance with our employees’ personal needs.

Holiday period
At Audens Food, we believe employees should be free to choose their holiday periods and that is why we offer the greatest of flexibility in deciding when to take them.