Customer oriented

Since 1975, Audens Food has had a clear customer-oriented vocation to service. We are dedicated to producing and marketing a wide range of ready-made and prebaked dishes. In our catalogue you will find an extensive assortment of Appetisers, Tapas, First Courses, Second Courses and Desserts that will enable you to find the ideal solution for your business at any time. We are the No. 1 manufacturer in installed industrial capacity and the company directs its products at two very different segments of the market in almost equal measure:

  • The hotel and catering, food service and institutional channel.
  • The consumer food distribution channel.

The company produces its own brands Prielá, Frinca, Quinta Base, Price and Tressoro. Moreover, we work for the most important private label and third-party brands. With a clear vocation as a comprehensive global supplier, Audens Food has become the leading company in the frozen ready-made meals sector. Audens Food – your cooking solutions partner.


As part of its continuous improvement efforts and with the intention of offering the best cuisine solutions to restaurant owners and the food sector, our R+D department continues to experiment with cooking ideas so that Audens Food products can be a benchmark in the market due to the variety and the quality of the raw materials used.