The Group

Audens Food

AUDENS FOOD S.A., previously known as PRIELA S.A., is 100% owned by the holding company AUDENS SOLUTIONS S.L., which was created at the end of 2009 by the Sala family. In 2010, AUDENS SOLUTIONS, S.L. acquired all of the shares in FREIGEL FOOD SOLUTIONS S.A. As a food business group, AUDENS SOLUTIONS S.L. focuses its activity on manufacturing and marketing frozen ready-made meals for the hotel and catering, food service and modern food distribution channels. AUDENS FOOD S.A. is in charge of marketing all of the products made by the group at their industrial plants in Granollers, Balsareny and Parets in the province of Barcelona, and Roales del Pan in the province of Zamora.


1969 (PRIELA) After analysing market needs and consumer trends, Mr Xavier Sala Costa and his wife Mrs Erika Coll, create the company COCINA2, S.L.

1974 (FREIGEL) Businessmen Emilio Clavo and Luis Delgado create the company IBERGEL, S.A. (located in Roales del Pan, Zamora) which is dedicated to manufacturing fish and mini pies and fritters and is famous for its FRINCA brand.

1975 (FREIGEL) Mr Joan Freixanet establishes a poultry abattoir in Sant Fruitós del Bages (Barcelona) which, in collaboration with Mr Vicenç Planes, begins producing ready-made meals under the trade name FREIXANET PLANAS, S.A. Years later, it would come to be known as ALIMENTOS FREISA, S.A.

1975 (PRIELÁ) The company PRIELÁ, S.A., whose name derives from "primera elaboración" (“primary processing”) was created with the aim of enabling better operability and production in advance. Some years later, all activity became concentrated in PRIELÁ as it was considered that freezing provided the products with better quality and simplified the processes in kitchens.

1994 (PRIELA) The Sala family and businessman Josep M. Solé create PRECOCINADOS DELI, S.L. in Balsareny.

1995 (PRIELA) The 2nd generation of the Sala family, David and Xavier, have been in charge of the business since the mid-1990s.

1996 (PRIELA) CATALONIA COLD S.L. (previously known as AUDENS COLD S.L.), located in Parets del Vallés, is created as a logistics platform.


2009 (AUDENS) The group AUDENS SOLUTIONS S.L. is created and joined by AUDENS COLD S.L. and PRIELA S.A.

2010 (AUDENS) AUDENS SOLUTIONS S.L. acquires FREIGEL FOOD SOLUTIONS S.A., a food group which produces, markets and distributes frozen ready-meals to the foodservice and modern wholesale distribution chains.

2011 (AUDENS) PRIELÁ and PRECOCINADOS DELI merge under the name of AUDENS FOOD S.A.

2013 (AUDENS) AUDENS FOOD, S.A. merges with AUDENS COLD, S.L. located in Parets del Vallès, where the group has its logistics base with capacity for 8,300 pallets (3,000 in automatic operation) extendable to 10,000.


To provide our customers with healthier and more balanced food solutions in line with market trends, and which include a large dose of traditional home-style cooking.


To be a leader in the food market, looking out for people’s health and well-being. Within the framework of a sustainable agrifood chain, we want to guarantee the origin of the raw ingredients, excellence in the production process and optimization of the distribution channel. We focus on the Iberian hotel and catering sector and the household market, with the desire to expand our presence into international markets.


  • CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT: We seek excellence in products, processes and organization. We create a climate that lends itself to experimentation, creativity and change.

  • ETHICS: Our way of working builds relationships based on honesty, respect and transparency.

  • PEOPLE-ORIENTED: We work to bring satisfaction and contribute value to our environment: consumers, clients, workers, suppliers, shareholders, and society.

  • PASSION: We identify with the things we do, and we do them eagerly, with intensity and enthusiasm.