Environmental Policy

Aware that improving environmental aspects on an ongoing basis is key to its progression in the design, manufacture, storage and delivery of frozen ready meals, Audens Group’s environmental policy is centred on the following principles:

  • To comply with all relevant legislation, and any other standards the group adheres to.
  • To sensitise and raise awareness among all its suppliers, partners, workers and customers of the importance of the environment.
  • To provide the necessary training and information to foster the participation in environmental matters of all those who supply, cooperate with and work for the company.
  • To contribute together to protecting the environment, improving our environmental performance, preventing pollution, and reducing our environmental impact.
  • To establish objectives and goals for reducing the amount of waste we generate, as well as reducing atmospheric emissions, noise, dumping and the amount of natural resources and materials we consume, without this impacting on the quality of our product and the service we provide our customers.
  • To commit to sustainability on a social, environmental and productive level.
  • To promote recycling.

The CEO,

March 2023