Breaded chicken breast tenderloin marinated


Made from 100% natural chicken tenderloin. With 70% chicken tenderloin and 30% breading, they are marinated in a tasty mixture of sweet paprika, cayenne, pepper, onion and garlic. With a per unit weight of 50-75 g, they are tasty and juicy inside, and crisp on the outside because of their light breading. They’ll appeal to both adults and children.

Instructions: Fryer (recommended): Take directly out of the freezer and fry in plenty of hot oil (180-185ºC) for 2 to 3 minutes. Oven: Place the product in a preheated oven at 200 °C with the fan running for 15 minutes, turning the product halfway through cooking. In professional oven reduce the temperature at 180ºC.

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ReferenceUnit weightPackagePackage WeightPackages boxBox weightBoxes in palletBar code
702722 50-75g Bag 1000g 3 3,00kg 144 8414208027226